CAT is considered to be one of the toughest exams. In order to ace the exam, one needs to know the pattern and what exactly the exam tests. 

The exam comprises 3 sections: VARC,DILR and Quantitative Aptitude. 

Each section mainly tests your  academic and mental skills like: COMPREHENSION LOGICAL REASONING BASIC MATHS

Now, comes the part on how to start preparing  for the aforementioned exam. One can either opt for self- preparation or opt for a coaching institute. How do you decide on that? Here is a simple guide for the same.

 Everything in CAT is just related to basics .Take any past CAT paper as a mock to understand what  your weaker areas are. On the basis of that decide, if you want to self prep or opt for an institute. If you are clearly able to identify your weaknesses and plan a strategy according to that, then you are good to go. And,  if you are not,  then, you need proper guidance, which an institute can provide to you. The next step is how to choose the right institute. There are a few parameters one can consider.

Faculty – Take demo sessions and analyse if they  are focusing on the basics or not. Now, many institutes focus on providing shortcuts, which are necessary,  but not the main thing to focus on. Because again the exam tests your academic and mental strength by framing easiest of the questions in tricky language, where short cuts may not come handy. So, focus on being well versed with the basics.

Study material – Abide by the study material the institute provides you. It should include a variety of questions on the basis of the level of difficulty.

Doubt clearing sessions – Timely doubt clearing is really important. Clear your doubts in a topic with the concerned faculty before you move on to the next topic. , so you can make a note of it and you close the topic well.                                                                    

Mock Tests and Analysis – This is one of the most important aspects of the cat preparation journey. Start taking mocks ,sectional and topic tests as you complete the topic and analysis. Once a week, give a full length mock and analyse it with your mentor. Find your weaker areas and work on them, repeat the process till you reach your desired percentile.

Peer to peer learning – This aspect is ignored by many. In an institution, you will be able to come across a number of different ideas , views ,opinions. These will help you to expand your thinking ability, which will benefit you in your whole MBA journey.

At last ,one should consider such an institution that provides you a holistic plan for your MBA journey from preparation to selection and guides you thoroughly in the process.  

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