The Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) is a stepping stone to one of India’s premier B-school programs. One of the key sections that candidates often find challenging is the Quantitative Ability (QA). Fortunately, with the right guidance, such as what you might find at the Coachify Institute in Jaipur, this section becomes highly conquerable.

Understanding Quantitative Ability in IPMAT

The QA section tests your mathematical and analytical skills. A broad understanding of concepts ranging from Arithmetic to Algebra and Geometry is essential. If you’re considering IPMAT coaching in Jaipur, this is one of the primary areas where expert guidance, like that from Coachify, can be invaluable.

Key Topics to Focus On

While every topic is crucial, some areas have historically been prominent in IPMAT:

  1. Arithmetic: Ratios, Percentages, Profit & Loss.
  2. Algebra: Quadratic Equations, Sequence & Series.
  3. Geometry: Lines, Angles, Triangles, and Circles.

Strategies to Ace QA

  • Conceptual Clarity: Before diving into solving questions, ensure you understand the basics. If you’re enrolled in the best CAT coaching in Jaipur, you’ll notice a similarity in the approach to QA topics.
  • Practice Regularly: The more you practice, the better you get. Regular mock tests will help in improving speed and accuracy. Institutes like Coachify offer ample practice material and tests to hone your skills.
  • Shortcut Techniques: QA can be time-consuming. Learning shortcut methods can be a game-changer. Coachify Institute’s expertise can be beneficial in this aspect.

Why Choose Coachify Institute for IPMAT and CAT Preparation?

Coachify Institute has made a mark not only for IPMAT but also as the best CAT coaching in Jaipur. Their tailored approach to QA ensures that students not only understand concepts but also master the skills to apply them effectively.

Time Management is Key

In IPMAT, every second count. Distribute your time wisely among the questions. It’s not just about knowing how to solve a problem, but also about solving it in the shortest time possible. Coachify’s mock tests and sectional tests can help you get a grip on time management.

Stay Updated

The pattern or the weightage of topics might change. If you’re involved in IPMAT coaching in Jaipur at Coachify, you’ll be updated regularly with any pattern changes, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in your preparation.


Cracking the Quantitative Ability section in IPMAT requires a blend of conceptual understanding, rigorous practice, and effective strategies. While self-study can get you far, enrolling in a reputable coaching institute like Coachify can give you that competitive edge. After all, when you’re aiming for success in competitive exams like IPMAT or CAT, having the best guidance, like what Coachify offers, can make all the difference.

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