In the world of competitive exams, the CAT exam holds a prestigious position, acting as a gateway to the coveted IIMs and other top business schools in India. As aspirants dive into the whirlpool of CAT preparation, they often encounter a sea of information, sometimes leading to misconceptions. As Coachify, a prominent institute in the CAT coaching realm, we aim to debunk some of these myths, guiding students toward a clearer and more effective preparation path.

Misconception 1: CAT is Only for Engineers

It’s a prevalent notion that the CAT exam favors engineering students due to its quantitative section.

Fact: While a background in mathematics can be helpful, the CAT exam tests aptitude, not academic specialization. Over the years, many non-engineers have excelled in the exam. Moreover, institutes like IIMs appreciate diversity in their batches, encouraging students from varied backgrounds to apply.

Misconception 2: One Needs to Study 12+ Hours Daily

Many believe that the key to CAT preparation is to bury oneself in books for over half a day.

Fact: Quality always trumps quantity. It’s not about how long you study, but how effectively. Strategic preparation, like the structured approach offered by Coachify, can be more beneficial than aimless long hours.

Misconception 3: English Proficiency is Inherent, Not Developed

Some aspirants think that verbal ability and reading comprehension sections require inherent English proficiency.

Fact: English proficiency, like any skill, can be developed with consistent effort. With proper guidance, resources, and regular reading habits, one can significantly improve in this section.

Misconception 4: More Mock Tests Equal Better Preparation

There’s a race to attempt as many mock tests as possible in the final months leading to the CAT exam.

Fact: While mock tests are crucial, it’s the analysis post-test that’s invaluable. Instead of mindlessly attempting mocks, detailed review sessions, like the ones conducted at Coachify, help in understanding mistakes and refining strategies.

Misconception 5: Only Top Coaching Institutes Guarantee Success

Many believe that joining a top-tier coaching institute is the sole pathway to success.

Fact: While coaching can provide structure to CAT preparation, institutes like Coachify believe in nurturing a student’s inherent strengths. Success in the CAT exam hinges on personal effort augmented by guidance, not just a brand name.

Misconception 6: CAT is the Hardest MBA Entrance Exam

Given the hype, many aspirants consider CAT to be the toughest MBA entrance out there.

Fact: The difficulty of any exam, including the CAT exam, is subjective. Some might find other MBA entrances like XAT or GMAT more challenging. The key lies in understanding the exam pattern and preparing accordingly.

Misconception 7: A High CAT Score Guarantees an IIM Seat

Scoring high is often considered the golden ticket to IIMs.

Fact: While a high score in the CAT exam is a significant achievement, the IIM admission process is holistic. It considers academic records, work experience, essays, and performance in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.

Misconception 8: CAT Preparation is All About Academics

A common belief is that CAT preparation revolves solely around academic prowess.

Fact: The CAT exam tests not just academic knowledge but also time management, strategic thinking, and decision-making under pressure. Coachify emphasizes holistic preparation, catering to all these aspects.


The road to CAT success is paved with determination, strategy, and clarity. Misconceptions can often sidetrack aspirants, causing unnecessary stress and misguided efforts. It’s essential to be informed, seek guidance when in doubt, and trust reputable sources. At Coachify, we champion an informed and holistic approach to CAT preparation, ensuring that every aspirant is not just well-prepared for the CAT exam but also for the dynamic world of management that lies beyond.

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