Top 30 B-Schools of India in the Descending order of their ROI

In your MBA journey, the most crucial step is selecting the best B-school to guarantee a successful future. In that case, judging the ROI or the Return on Investment effectively determines which B-schools you should target for your MBA. 

ROI = (Return / Cost of investment) x 100%

Return = Average Package (in CTC) – Fees

Here, we have enlisted the top 30 B -schools in India according to their ROI in descending order.

Top 30 B-Schools in India 

FMS Delhi

In 2023, with 97% of the received offers above ₹ 20 LPA and the highest domestic CTC of ₹ 1.23 Cr, FMS Delhi saw the highest-ever average salary package of ₹ 34.1 LPA since its establishment in 1954. As one of India’s most affordable business schools, its fee only stands at ₹ 2 L. Hence, the exceptionally high ROI of FMS Delhi is 1605%, making it one of India’s most desirable B-schools. 

TISS, Mumbai

The average salary package of TISS, Mumbai, in 2023 was ₹ 27.22 LPA which has considerably increased from last year’s package of ₹ 23.97 LPA. With total fees of ₹ 1,89,000 for 2 years, their ROI stands at 1340.2%. 

Department of Management Studies, IISc., Bengaluru

In 2022, placement for the Masters of Management Studies at IISc., Bengaluru, the average CTC package stood at ₹ 26.8 LPA. The fee for this programme at IISc., Bengaluru, is ₹ 5.18 L. Hence, the ROI of this B-school stands at 417%. 

JBIMS Mumbai

Top recruiters such as Accenture Strategy, Deloitte, EY, Infosys Consulting, KPMG, McKinsey & Co., among many more, participated in the 2023 MMS placement at JBIMS, Mumbai, where the average CTC was ₹ 28.02 LPA. The fee for the MMS programme is around ₹ 6 L, which makes its ROI 367%.


The 2023 placement of SJSOM at IIT Bombay was concluded with an average CTC package of ₹28.88 LPA. Their MBA programme fee is ₹ 10,08,300, making their ROI 186%.

XLRI, Jamshedpur

The average salary package for the 2021-2023 batch placement at XLRI, Jamshedpur, was ₹ 32.7 LPA. The fee for the 2-year PGDM at XLRI is ₹ 1,370,000, which makes an ROI of 138.68 %. 

DMS, IIT Delhi

One of the top IITs, IIT Delhi’s placement for the Department of Management Studies witnessed an average CTC package of ₹ 25.82 LPA. With a total fee of ₹ 11.20 L, their ROI is 130.53 %.  

VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

With an average CTC package of ₹ 22.13 LPA, GSOM of IIT Kharagpur they have concluded its 2023 placement. For 2 years, their fee is ₹ 11,59,760, which makes their ROI 90.82%.

DOMS, IIT Madras

The average CTC of the 2023 MBA placement at IIT Madras was ₹ 20.19 LPA. At the same time, the fee for the MBA programme at IIT Madras is ₹ 10.95 L, leading to its ROI of 84.38 %.

IIM Trichy

In 2023, the average salary package at IIM Trichy was ₹ 20.55 LPA. With their fee of ₹ 11.80 L, the ROI of IIM Trichy stands at 74.15 %. 

IIM Lucknow

With world-class faculty and curriculum, IIM Lucknow saw recruiters from different sectors and companies offering an average salary package of ₹ 32.2 LPA. With their MBA fee of ₹ 20.75 L, the ROI of IIM Lucknow stands at 55.18 %. 

IIM Kozhikode

With the highest CTC of ₹ 67.02 LPA in the IT sector, the average salary package of IIM Kozhikode’s 2023 batch is ₹ 31.02 LPA. The two-year MBA fee is 20.50 L, making IIM Kozhikode’s ROI 51.31 %.

IIM Bangalore 

IIM Bangalore’s average salary package in 2023 is ₹ 35.31 LPA, with offers from top recruiters like Accenture, Microsoft, and TCS, among many more. With the current programme fee of ₹24,50,000 for 2 years, the ROI of IIM Bangalore currently stands at 44.12%, making it the top choice for MBA aspirants.

IIM Indore

Since last year, IIM Indore has seen a massive increase in the salary packages in 2023, with the highest package of ₹ 1.14 Cr PA and the average salary package of ₹ 30.21 LPA. With its MBA fees at ₹ 21,14,222, the ROI of IIM Indore is 42.88%.

IIFT, New Delhi

Graduates from various educational backgrounds and world-class institutes make up the 2023 batch of IIFT, New Delhi, whose average salary package stands at ₹ 29.1 LPA. With a fee of ₹ 21,77,314, IIFT, New Delhi’s ROI is 33.65%.

IIM Raipur

IIM Raipur has completed its placement for 2023 with an average CTC package of ₹ 21.04 LPA. Having an MBA programme fee of ₹ 15,92,960, their ROI is 32.16 %. 

IIM Calcutta

As the first IIM in India, IIM Calcutta’s batch 2021-2023 was placed with an average salary package of a whopping ₹ 35.07 LPA, while the highest domestic CTC was ₹ 1.15 Cr. The MBA programme fee at IIM Calcutta currently stands at ₹ 27 L. Therefore, the ROI of IIM Calcutta comes to 29.89%. 

IIM Sambalpur

The 2023 placement at IIM Sambalpur was concluded with an average CTC package of ₹ 16.64 LPA, with the highest international package of ₹64.15 LPA. The total fee of the MBA programme is ₹ 13,08,400, resulting in an ROI of 27.18%. 

SIBM, Pune

SIBM, Pune’s 2023 placement was concluded with an average salary package of ₹ 26.77 LPA, which has increased by 16% since last year. The fee for the MBA programme stands at around ₹ 22.2 L, making its ROI 20.58%.  

IIM Ahmedabad

In 2023, IIM Ahmedabad’s placement witnessed an average salary package of ₹ 34.35 LPA, which has increased since last year’s package of ₹ 32.79 LPA. With the current MBA fee of ₹ 30L, the ROI of IIM Ahmedabad is 14.5%.   

MDI, Gurugram

In 2023, the average CTC package of MDI, Gurugram, was ₹ 27.67 LPA, with the highest CTC of ₹ 60 LPA in Sales and marketing. Their fees for the 2-year PGDM programme are ₹24,16,800 L, with an ROI of 14.49%.

IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur’s 2023 placement witnessed an average salary package of ₹ 18.1 LPA. The MBA fee at this IIM is ₹ 17.30 L, having an ROI of 4.62%.

IIM Ranchi

The 2023 placement of the IIM Ranchi was concluded with an average CTC package of ₹ 17.3 LPA. Their MBA fee currently stands at ₹ 17.2 L, with an ROI of 0.5 %.  

IIM Udaipur

The 2023 placement at IIM Udaipur saw an average CTC of ₹ 20.02 LPA, with the highest CTC of ₹ 35.04 LPA. Having a programme fee of ₹ 20.05 L, their ROI is – 0.15%. 

IIM Jammu

The 2023 placement at IIM Jammu saw an average CTC package of ₹ 16.50 LPA. With a fee of ₹17.15 L, the ROI of IIM Jammu stands at -3.7%. 

MICA (Ahmedabad)

The average CTC package in the 2023 placement at MICA, Ahmedabad, was ₹ 20.09 LPA. Their fee for the two-year PGP programme is ₹ 21L, thereby making its ROI -4.33 %.

IIM Amritsar

Keeping the placement outcome steady, the average CTC package for the 2023 placement at IIM Amritsar was ₹ 16.51 LPA. The fee for an MBA at IIM Amritsar is ₹ 17.30 L which makes its ROI – 4.56%.  

IIM Bodh Gaya

The 2023 placement at IIM Bodh Gaya witnessed an average CTC package of ₹ 15.68 LPA, with the highest CTC of ₹ 48 LPA. With a fee of ₹ 17 L for their 2-year post-graduate programme, their ROI is -7.9 %.  

IIM Sirmaur

The final placement of 2023 at IIM Sirmaur had an average CTC package of ₹ 14.45 LPA. The fee at IIM Sirmaur is ₹ 16 LPA, making its current ROI -9.68 %.

IIM Nagpur

IIM Nagpur’s 2023 MBA placements were completed with an average salary package of ₹ 16.74 LPA, with the highest package of ₹ 64 LPA. The fee at IIM Nagpur is ₹ 18.90 L, which makes its ROI -11.42%. 

Summing Up

Evaluating the ROI of B-schools in India provides an insightful lens to understand the trade-off between the fees paid and the average CTC received post-graduation. This critical parameter, thus, becomes instrumental in decision-making for MBA aspirants. The listed B-schools showcase the rich tapestry of India’s top management institutions, from IIMs to other top-ranked institutes. They help in understanding the dynamic nature of the Indian MBA landscape.

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In conclusion, whether you are at the beginning of your MBA journey or right in the thick of it, always remember the importance of ROI in your decision-making process. It will serve as a valuable guidepost to lead you to your desired destination.

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